New Earth: Restoring Harmony Through Feminine & Masculine Energies 

Feminine & Masculine Energies

Feminine and masculine energies are usually thought to refer to gender. History teaches us that this has been a male dominated world as far back as we can remember: a man’s world. Yet, all humans, male and female, have taken part in the slow destruction of our planet because the value on masculine energies is prevalent in many cultures. However, we’re creators of our own reality. We’ve possibly been fabricating this “survival-mode” Earth reality as a collective because we’re told things like the hustle and hard work will get you somewhere in life. Your value is placed on how “successful” you are and that usually translates into one’s financial or social status. The world’s demise is very much an effect of over-stressed masculine energies which have become toxic, and now needs restoration through the Divine Feminine. 

If we understood how to balance the masculine and the feminine energies, we would find that our ability to heal and forge a path to a New Earth is within reach of every human and is our only saving grace. The idea that one male and one female each embody their respective energies as it relates to their gender is outdated. Both male and female have a duality of masucline and feminine characteristics. The polarization that exists in the very fabric of our society has kept us in the darkest ages that can be argued to date back to Atlantian times, when the Earth’s chakras were balanced. Since then, we’ve been on a fast track path to destruction.

As a way to counterbalance the over representation of toxic masculinity, the rise of the Divine Feminine is needed. You can think of everyone having a feminine and masculine energy tank. A person can have a full tank in their masculinity, and an empty feminine tank (and vise-versa). A person can also be fully balanced between the two. 

Considering the duality of the universe, what we create and how we live out our purpose is designed to have a balance between the two energies. That is often why people look for happiness and completion in a partner so as to balance out the energies. Although, we could also become self-sufficient by striking a  balance between both the masculine and feminine characteristics within. Identifying the qualities you already have and establishing practices that call upon the traits you don’t have  can help to strike that balance. This would lead to creating things in harmony that ultimately gets us one step closer to the utopian reality we all so desperately crave. 

New Earth

Did someone say utopia? Bliss? Heaven? Perfection? Yes to all of the above! New Earth is exactly what it sounds like, an end to what Earth has been and the creation of a new era. The destruction of our planet, the effects of human activities, the disconnect from nature, the war, the hatred, the inequity, the despair, the fear… good riddance! Who says we can’t get back into harmony? What if the solution were within yourself? Would you create heaven on Earth? The ancient belief of heaven often feels metaphorical and is believed to be on a different plane;  not Earth-bound. Perhaps that was the moment we disconnected from our knowledge on how we are god-like and co-create with Source. We stepped into the seat of victimhood and were unable to feel that we have control over our lives. Strict roles between male and female genders were created and societies created to enforce them. We’re just now collectively discovering we’re more than that. We’re stepping out of the doomed narrative and find that there still is hope. Hope can be found in every single person. 

The rise in the Divine Feminine as a collective is the New Earth paradigm. This means that whether you’re male or female, you show gentleness and compassion to all organisms, have an open-heart chakra, receive and surrender to your intuition and creativity. This movement also grants you as the creator of your reality. If our Earth has suffered enough through this hustle culture and ignorance, we can restore it through compassion and acceptance. This is much easier said than done, especially in light of social media. Internet trolls are vicious. Cancel culture and cultural appropriation thrive on drama, judgement, depression, and even repressed sexuality. This can be rectified and resolved within yourself when you understand your true nature and the power you possess. Spend time meditating and putting your own health first. Build strong boundaries with the internet and have a strong self-care regime. Choose what you give your attention to and decipher between toxicity that only keeps us trapped in the old paradigm. People often serve as a mirror and reflect back to us things we need to address within ourselves. 

New Earth mentality is knowing the impact you have on a small and large scale. Choosing the New Earth coincides with discovering your purpose. You live with purpose, you focus on your mission, and you have the ability to impact others to do the same. This helps to spread the light, to come out of darkness and share a collective reality of love and acceptance.

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